To ensure that our patient’s receive the best care possible, we are no longer offering after hours emergency service. There are two referral centers with 20-30 minutes of Fulton that are open 24/7 to provide fully staffed emergency medical treatment for your pet. If you have question as to whether your pet is experiencing a medical emergency and is in need of immediate care, please call our regular phone number, 573-642-9346 and our 24/7 answering service will triage your pet. You can also directly contact University of Missouri emergency service 573-882-4589, or Horton Discovery Animal Hospital 573-777-3609.

We will continue to see any of our surgery patients on an emergency basis. The answering service will contact one of our doctors for surgery related issues.

Midwest Veterinary Clinic
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Phone: (573) 642-9346
Fax: (573) 642-8945

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